a joint fundraising initiative sponsored by the 2018 & 2019 
Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academies


The purpose of this project is to raise funds for the purchase of new signage for our Main City Park in Gresham. We love our park and want you to love it too! It's really a hidden gem...but that's the problem - we don't want it to be hidden!

There are so many great features that Main City Park has to offer that we want everyone to know about. New signage will increase the park's visibility and draw our community to this natural treasure. 


The first Leadership Academy class presented the challenge of finding a community project for the second class to complete. The following slideshow is a compilation of our research leading up to the creation of the Main City Park Project.

This project is now being carried on by the current Leadership Academy class.

funding goal


  • $8000 - LARGE SIGN ON POWELL This is the largest sign and the majority of the cost involved.

  • $1000 - WAYFINDER SIGN This is a signpost within the park that will point to all of the park's great features. 

  • $1000 - GRAPHIC WRAP This is a vinyl sign wrap that will cover the power box on the corner of Main and Powell.

How to Donate

Donating is easy! You can DONATE NOW online, or drop off a check.

Please make your check out to Gresham Chamber Foundation and drop off or mail it to:

Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce
1005 N. Main Ave
Ste 101
Gresham, OR 97030

(suggested donation amounts:$100, $250, $500, $1000 +)



We want to recognize all of our generous donors! Your name will be listed as a contributor on the website after completing your donation online (you can remain anonymous if you wish).

All donors' names (except anonymous) will be published in the Gresham Outlook in a special write up about the project upon the completion of our fundraising campaign.

(Due to city code we cannot put your name on any park signage).

Recent Contributors

Matt Miller
805 11 months ago
Julie Haugen - healing Treasures Massage
25 11 months ago
Sue O'Halloran
25 11 months ago
Scott Thomas
100 11 months ago
Shelly Arnold
250 11 months ago
warner Allen
500 11 months ago

who we are

We are the Leadership Academy Class of 2018 with the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce. The class consists of one all-day session each month for nine months. Each session has a different focus aimed at creating solid, strategic and exemplary leaders in our community.

The Leadership Academy's three core initiatives are to provide:

Value to the Community
Value to Employers
Value to Participants

Left to Right

Kirk Moormann - 4site Web Services
Michelle Kosta - Family of Friends Mentoring
Alicia Morris
Brooks Longoria - Riverview Bank
Harvest Moormann - SALT Academy and Performing Arts Co
Dave Dyk - Simple
David Ligatich - Ligatich Inc/Biscuits Cafe
Lila Leathers - Leathers Fuels
CaSaundra Garber - Gresham Barlow Youth Baseball/Softball and Oregon Catholic Press 
Ed Chin - All About Adventure Excursions
Atziri Hannon - Metro East Community Media (not pictured)

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